Mechanic Panic - GGJ2020

A game about a mechanic and explosive bats

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Mechanic Panic is a game made by a team of six. Five of the team members were my former classmates, and the sixth member was a law student that we just met who wanted to explore games. Everything was made in the little time we had in the event.

My roles included programming, rigging, and animations. More precisely, I focused on the character and gameplay programming (mechanics/systems.)


We had a bunch of weird ideas like repairing personal relationships, or even preventing WWIII to match the theme: repair. We discussed about games ranging from Katamari and Death Stranding. We also discussed about genres like FPS, tower defense, and platformers. In the end, we stuck to a simple arcade-y platforming game where you have to defend a crystal from attackers.

The main gameplay loop is to move from space to space to repair platforms and attack enemies. When the platforms are repaired, they will be toggled to their other position. The dynamics of this game made it so we have to jump around around the level repairing and attacking things constantly. Our aim was to create a completed 1-minute experience.

Click here if you’d like to try out the game! (.7z download)


We had a blast at the GGJ in Vancouver! A few of us pulled all-nighters, and some even worked remotely. Ultimately, we managed to find ways to communicate and contribute a piece of work to the game.

I personally got to meet a lot of people I knew from the past, and talked to people who I’ve never met. I look forward to GGJ2021.