Aero's Amusement Park

A Fun, 3D Short Film about a Mascot and his Amusement Park

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My Final Project

When I was 18, I want to create something that I can be proud of for my student project. I decided develop my skillset as a generalist so that I can work on big projects independently. I struggled a bit, but overall I learned a lot in 6 months. Here’s final product of my efforts:


Amusement Parks are awesome. Ever since childhood, I have always fascinated about roller coasters. You see, I grew up playing Roller Coaster Tycoon on my Windows 98. It was always exciting to go the Playland - an amusement park in Vancouver. What I love the most about amusement parks are the roller coasters. Not only do the thrills that me excited about roller coasters, but I love it when they are integrated with the environment, and how they just weave through landscapes and buildings. Roller Coaster Engineers don’t just design structures, they craft experiences to the riders!

Lip-Sync Project

I still have no idea where I got the dialogue, but I got interested in this specimen due to the dynamic tone of the lady in the voice clip. It took me about a month to animate this stupid character, but it was so exciting to seeing it come to life!