A third-person action-adventure game with an emphasis on fast-paced combat and movement

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Zenith is a third-person action-adventure game where you play as an adventurer traveling with a companion on an alien planet. The game emphasizes on fast-paced combat and ninja-like traversing. Our hero, Su, encounters enemies in journey towards the center of Zenith. This game was made by a team of four in the span of 6 months. 2 months were dedicated to planning, and 4 months were dedicated to production.

Project Management

While I have experience managing online communities and my own projects, this is the first time I was tasked to manage people directly. There were also lots of organizational and documentational work that I had to fulfill for stake-holders. Here are a few for example: Risk Mitigation Plans, Contingency Plans, Cost Management, Quality Management Plan, Communication Plan, Scheduling, Work Breakdown, and of course the Task List. My daily tasks included updating the sprint board/tracker, hosting scrums with the team, and make sure we are on schedule. I also was the main point of contact for the audio collaborators and hosted weekly review meetings. One-on-one meetings and design meetings were also crucial.

Cool Sprint Board

Cool view of E. Hastings

Other Controllers

The team consisted of one programmer, one artist, one level designer, and myself. My main role was to manage the project, but I also filled in with what-ever we needed. Some of my other roles included rigging, animating, UI implementations, and audio implementations. I made it an effort to communicate with the team to ensure that we were notivated and on track, and I was more than happy to swap tasks around to keep the momentum rolling.

Pitch and Play

At the end of the project, we presented our game to a room full of people from the Vancouver gamedev industry. A reward for our hard work. The team very nervous of course, but we ended up doing a great job presenting and got to meet a lot of awesome people from the event.