HomeWORD - GGJ2019

What does "Home" mean to us?

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HomeWORD is a Typing Game made by a team of seven for the Vancouver Global Game Jam in 48 hours. The design topic for this game jam was “Home.” The objective was to design a game revolving around that word in 48 hours.

My role in the project included rigging, animating a character, UI implementation, a bit of coding, and a bit polishing.


We asked: what is home? When the topic was announced, we all came up with different answers - but all of them share a common theme: “Home is comfort.” “Home is where we grow up.” And “Home is where we live.”

“What about the ‘opposite’ of home?” we thought. Work. The design goal of our project was to show the contrast between home and work - and what better way to do that than to make a typing game that bombards the players with convoluted words when they’re at work!

Team Icon

Global Game Jam

This event was pretty exciting since it was the first major game jam that the team (a.k.a Team iCON) has ever attended. It was interesting walking around the venue and glancing at what people are creating.

What I learned from this experience was that starting and finishing a project is all about communication. Production was very hectic with the 7 of us trying to scramble to make a game in 48 hours, and it was especially chaotic when we ran into a git conflict near the end of the deadline! Team Icon had a blast, and I will definitely be attending the next Global Game Jam!