Deny Senesouma

Game Developer - Systems Designer - 3D Generalist


Deny Senesouma, born in 1997, is a passionate storyteller driven by a deep desire to create memorable, influential, and inspirational experiences. With an appreciation for both technical expertise and creative expression, Deny takes pride in creating exciting experiences emphasising on people-driven design. Deny has been recognized for exceptional achievements, including a silver medal in the Skills Canada 2015 3D Animation Competition and awards for Outstanding Achievement in Computer Programming.

Design Philosophy

"Elegance over Complexity"

Reality consists of systems that form complex networks. As a developer, I use this as a principle and expand outwards when designing systems. This process makes it easy to predict and adjust mechanical behaviours while adhering to a modular/abstract design paradigm that can scale.

"Great Design is Empathy"

It is good practice for designers to put themselves in the shoes of others. I actively seek feedback and observe how people interact with my work. Things like telemetry, A-B testing, and focus testing are just tools. Knowing how to read and obtain data effectively is a whole 'nother skill.

"The obvious solution is the alternative"

Every problem is unique and there is no clear solution. Sometimes the answer lies outside the box. Innovation and intentional expirementation is a key driver of great design.

Work Process

Although I am flexible, I found that working in a non-linear fashion leads to more desiarble results. The 80/20 rule suggests that 20% of the features will be used 80% of the time. Focusing on the 20% allows me to rapidly iterate and focus on what's important while getting things done in a agile fashion.